Guard Your Glow with Heliocare

Unveil radiant skin and defend against the sun’s embrace with Heliocare by Elixir Aesthetics. Crafted with a powerful blend of natural ingredients including Fern Block, Polypodium Leucotomos, and Magnesium, Heliocare is more than a sunscreen; it’s your daily shield against the harsh effects of sun exposure. This supplement is the only supplement we trust for our clients prone to hyperpigmentation and melasma. If you suffer with pigmentation this supplement is a need, not a want.

The Elemental Harmony:

  1. Polypodium Leucotomos:
  • Antioxidant Rich: Packed with antioxidants, Polypodium Leucotomos contributes to your skin’s defense against free radicals induced by sun exposure. Is a natural extract known for its exceptional ability to fend off the harmful effects of UV rays.
  1. Magnesium:
  • Mineral Fortress: Magnesium, a vital mineral, supports overall skin health and complements the protective actions of Fern Block and Polypodium Leucotomos.

The Heliocare Advantage:

  1. Natural Defense:
  • Fern Block Power: Heliocare harnesses the potency of Fern Block to provide a natural barrier against the sun’s harmful effects.
  1. Antioxidant Boost:
  • Polypodium Leucotomos Guard: The antioxidant-rich Polypodium Leucotomos contributes to neutralizing free radicals, preventing premature aging.
  1. Mineral Fortification:
  • Magnesium Support: Magnesium enhances the formula, fortifying your skin from within and supporting overall skin vitality.

Why Choose Heliocare:

  1. Daily Sun Protection:
  • Continuous Guard: Heliocare offers daily protection against UV rays, minimizing the risk of sun damage.
  1. Elixir Aesthetics Assurance:
  • Recommended by Experts: Endorsed by Elixir Aesthetics, Heliocare aligns with our commitment to skin health, providing an essential addition to your daily skincare routine.
  1. Effortless Defense:
  • Lightweight Formulation: Heliocare’s lightweight formulation ensures easy integration into your daily skincare regimen without a heavy or greasy feel.

Ideal for Every Skin Moment:

Whether you’re stepping out for a morning stroll or basking in the midday sun, Heliocare complements every skin moment. Embrace the sun responsibly with a skincare essential that goes beyond protection, nurturing your skin’s resilience against environmental stressors.

How to Embrace Sun Protection:

  1. Daily Application: Apply Heliocare generously before sun exposure for comprehensive protection.
  2. Reapply as Needed: For prolonged sun exposure, reapply as recommended for sustained defense.

Choose Heliocare and let the synergy of Fern Block, Polypodium Leucotomos, and Magnesium stand guard, ensuring your skin remains luminous, protected, and resilient. Elevate your sun care routine with Heliocare for a radiant and safeguarded complexion.

Nourishing Hair Growth with Growth Phase

Unlock the secret to luscious locks with Growth Phase by Elixir Aesthetics, a specialized supplement crafted to support hair growth. Infused with a harmonious blend of potent ingredients, including horse tail extract, silica, egg membrane hydrolysate, collagen, glycosaminoglycans, calcium, reishi mushroom, eleuthero extract, vitamin C, L-leucine, kelp algae, iodine, niacinamide, vitamin E, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6, thiamine, biotin, vitamin K, folic acid, and vitamin B12, Growth Phase is a comprehensive formula designed to nurture your hair from within.

The Nutrient Ensemble:

  1. Silica and Horse Tail Extract:
  • Root Strength: Silica and horse tail extract contribute to robust hair structure and strength.
  1. Collagen and Glycosaminoglycans:
  • Structural Support: Collagen and glycosaminoglycans provide a foundation for healthy hair growth.
  1. Reishi Mushroom and Eleuthero Extract:
  • Adaptogenic Nourishment: Reishi mushroom and eleuthero extract offer adaptogenic properties, promoting resilience against stressors that may affect hair health.
  1. Vitamin-Rich Blend:
  • Essential Nutrients: A spectrum of vitamins including C, E, riboflavin, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, B-6, thiamine, biotin, K, folic acid, and B12 nourishes the scalp and hair follicles.
  1. Mineral Powerhouses:
  • Calcium, L-leucine, Iodine, Kelp Algae: Essential minerals and amino acids play a vital role in fostering optimal hair growth.

The Growth Phase Advantage:

  1. Comprehensive Hair Support:
  • Full-Spectrum Care: Growth Phase provides a comprehensive approach to supporting hair health, addressing various factors that contribute to growth.
  1. Scientifically Formulated:
  • Precision Crafting: Scientifically selected ingredients come together to form a potent blend, ensuring efficacy in every capsule.
  1. Elixir Aesthetics Endorsement:
  • Enhancing Hair Restoration: Growth Phase is a recommended addition to our hair restoration treatments at Elixir Aesthetics, enhancing the overall experience.

Ideal for Hair Restoration Treatments:

Growth Phase is not just a supplement; it’s a key player in your journey to revitalized and flourishing hair. Whether taken independently or as a complement to our exosome hair restoration treatments, this formula nurtures your hair from within, supporting a vibrant and healthy mane.

How to Embrace Vibrant Hair Growth:

  1. Daily Ritual: Make Growth Phase a part of your daily routine for continuous hair nourishment.
  2. Complementing Hair Restoration Treatments: Enhance the benefits by incorporating Growth Phase as a supportive element in your hair restoration journey at Elixir Aesthetics.

Choose Growth Phase and let the symphony of vital nutrients orchestrate a transformative experience for your hair. Elevate your hair care routine with this specialized supplement for a head full of lush, radiant locks.

Elevate Digestive Wellness with DeBloat

Introducing DeBloat by Elixir Aesthetics, a remarkable supplement designed to bring digestive wellness to new heights. This unique blend, featuring a fusion of enzymes, botanical extracts, and spices such as amylase, protease, bromelain, lipase, cellulase, invertase, lactase, multase, glucanase, alpha-galactosidase, pectinase, xylanase, hemicellulase, beta-glucanase, phytase, licorice root extract, cinnamon, ginger root, and turmeric, offers a holistic approach to supporting your digestive health.

The Digestive Ensemble:

  1. Enzyme Symphony:
  • Precision Digestion: Amylase, protease, bromelain, lipase, cellulase, invertase, lactase, and more form a digestive dream team, aiding in optimal nutrient absorption.
  1. Botanical Elixirs:
  • Nature’s Soothe: Licorice root extract provides a soothing touch, contributing to digestive ease.
  1. Spice Harmony:
  • Ginger and Turmeric Duo: Ginger root and turmeric, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, support digestive comfort.
  1. Sweet Symphony:
  • Alpha-Galactosidase Magic: Alpha-galactosidase assists in breaking down complex carbohydrates, reducing bloating after meals.
  1. Pectinase and Xylanase:
  • Fiber Digestion Support: Pectinase and xylanase aid in the breakdown of complex plant fibers, promoting smoother digestion.
  1. Phytase:
  • Mineral Absorption: Phytase supports the release of minerals, enhancing their absorption in the digestive tract.

The DeBloat Difference:

  1. Holistic Digestive Support:
  • Balancing Act: DeBloat takes a holistic approach to digestive wellness, offering comprehensive support.
  1. Clean Wellness Commitment:
  • Nature’s Purity: DeBloat is free from unnecessary additives, reflecting Elixir Aesthetics’ commitment to clean wellness.
  1. Elixir Aesthetics’ Endorsement:
  • Digestive Harmony: Elixir Aesthetics proudly endorses DeBloat as part of our commitment to total well-being.

Ideal for Every Day and Post-Sound Healing and Body Detox:

Make DeBloat a part of your daily routine for ongoing digestive support. Elevate its benefits by incorporating it after your Elixir Aesthetics Sound Healing and Body Detox treatment. This synergistic approach allows you to experience a profound sense of digestive balance and vitality.

How to Elevate Your Digestive Wellness:

  1. Daily Ritual: Integrate DeBloat into your daily routine for consistent digestive support.
  2. After Elixir Aesthetics Treatment: Enhance the benefits by incorporating DeBloat after your Sound Healing and Body Detox session.

Choose DeBloat, where digestive comfort meets holistic wellness, and embark on a path to a balanced and vibrant you.

A Symphony of Skin-Loving Nutrients

Elixir Aesthetics proudly presents Nue Co’s Skin Filter, a powerful supplement designed to nourish your skin from within. Immerse yourself in the beauty-enhancing symphony of grape seed extract, melon fruit concentrate, zinc, vitamin C, amla extract, camu-camu extract, leucine, and vitamin A. Let’s delve into the magic these ingredients bring to your skincare routine.

The Nutrient Ensemble:

  1. Grapeseed Extract:
  • Antioxidant Elixir: Rich in antioxidants, grapeseed extract battles free radicals, supporting skin health and radiance.
  1. Melon Fruit Concentrate:
  • Hydration Harmony: Melon fruit concentrate hydrates the skin, promoting a plump and supple complexion.
  1. Zinc:
  • Skin’s Guardian: Zinc plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system and aids in maintaining healthy skin.
  1. Vitamin C:
  • Brightening Boost: Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, contributing to a brighter, more even skin tone.
  1. Amla Extract:
  • Ayurvedic Elixir: Amla extract, rich in vitamin C, promotes skin elasticity and fights signs of aging.
  1. Camu-Camu Extract:
  • Vitamin C Amplifier: Camu-camu extract enhances the antioxidant effects, supporting a resilient and youthful complexion.
  1. Leucine:
  • Amino Acid Elevation: Leucine aids in collagen formation, essential for skin elasticity and firmness.
  1. Vitamin A:
  • Regeneration Master: Vitamin A supports skin cell turnover, contributing to a smoother and rejuvenated appearance.

The Nue Co Difference:

  1. Holistic Approach:
  • Beyond Skin Deep: Nue Co’s Skin Filter takes a holistic approach, addressing skincare from the inside out for comprehensive nourishment.
  1. Clean Beauty Commitment:
  • Purity and Potency: Embrace clean beauty with a supplement free from unnecessary additives, ensuring potent and effective skincare support.
  1. Elixir Aesthetics’ Endorsement:
  • Radiant from Within: At Elixir Aesthetics, we endorse supplements that align with our philosophy of enhancing beauty through a holistic approach. Nue Co’s Skin Filter is your ticket to radiant, nourished skin.

How to Elevate Your Skincare Routine:

  1. Daily Ritual: Incorporate Nue Co’s Skin Filter into your daily routine to provide your skin with the essential nutrients it craves.
  2. Hydration is Key: Amplify the benefits by staying hydrated, supporting the overall health and appearance of your skin.
  3. From Within and Beyond: Experience the transformation as your skin radiates health, reflecting the nourishment it receives from within.

Nue Co’s Skin Filter is more than a supplement; it’s a commitment to holistic skincare that starts from within. Elevate your beauty routine with this meticulously crafted blend of skin-loving nutrients, and let your radiant complexion be a testament to the power of nourishment from the inside out. Choose Nue Co’s Skin Filter, where beauty is a melody played by nature and science in harmony.

Odacité Mineral SPF, Tailored to Your Glow

Elixir Aesthetics proudly presents the Odacité Mineral SPF, a skincare guardian boasting niacinamide, zinc oxide, and green tea. Defend your skin while contributing to Odacité’s mission to plant 20,000 trees annually. Discover the dual benefits of superior sun protection and eco-conscious skincare, harmonizing nature and science in your daily routine.

The Shielding Trio:

  1. Niacinamide:
  • Skin Defender: Fortify your skin barrier and promote balance, ensuring resilient protection against environmental stressors.
  1. Zinc Oxide:
  • UV Guardian: Forming a mineral shield, zinc oxide deflects harmful UV rays without compromising the purity of your skincare.
  1. Green Tea:
  • Antioxidant Armor: Green tea’s antioxidants combat free radicals, preventing premature aging and promoting a youthful complexion.

Odacité’s Green Initiative:

Contribute to Odacité’s commitment to the environment by choosing the Odacité Mineral SPF. Planting 20,000 trees annually, Odacité aligns skincare with eco-consciousness.

Tailored to You:

  1. Sheer SPF & Tinted SPF:
  • For All Fitzpatricks: Whether you prefer sheer coverage or a touch of tint, Odacité Mineral SPF is tailored to match every Fitzpatrick skin type.

How You Contribute:

  1. Sun-Kissed Defense: Apply liberally to face and body, embracing natural protection against the sun.
  2. Environmental Impact: Every application aids Odacité’s tree-planting initiative, reducing your carbon footprint.
  3. Nourished Beauty:* Experience the dual benefits of sun protection and eco-conscious skincare, harmonizing nature and science in your daily routine.

Why Odacité Mineral SPF at Elixir:

At Elixir Aesthetics, we advocate for skincare that not only enhances your beauty but also contributes to the well-being of the planet. Elevate your skincare routine with a product that cares for your skin and nurtures the environment. Choose Odacité Mineral SPF, where radiant defense meets tailored perfection for all skin tones.

Elixir Aesthetics’ Cashmere and Vanilla Milk Bath Crafted By Native Nectar Botanicals

Immerse yourself in opulence with Elixir Aesthetics’ Cashmere and Vanilla Milk Bath, a sumptuous creation by Native Nectar Botanicals. This bath elixir is a harmonious blend of cashmere, vanilla, and botanical extracts, transforming your bath into a sanctuary of tranquility.

The Essence of Silkiness:

  1. Aloe Vera:
  • Skin Benefits: Aloe vera, renowned for its calming properties, soothes and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed.
  1. Glycerin:
  • Skin Benefits: Glycerin seals in moisture, contributing to soft and supple skin, while enhancing the luxurious texture of the milk bath.
  1. Organic Gotu Kola:
  • Skin Benefits: Gotu kola promotes skin rejuvenation and vitality, adding an extra layer of nourishment to your bath.
  1. Organic Geranium Leaf Extract:
  • Aromatic Bliss: The delicate fragrance of geranium leaf extract imparts a floral note, enhancing the sensory experience of your bath.
  1. Organic African Violet Flower Extract:
  • Skin Benefits: African violet flower extract nurtures the skin, contributing to a bath that pampers and revitalizes.
  1. Organic Chamomile:
  • Skin Benefits: Chamomile, known for its calming properties, creates a serene atmosphere while providing gentle care for your skin.
  1. Organic Lemon Verbena:
  • Aromatic Citrus:* Lemon verbena lends a refreshing citrus note, elevating the sensory allure of the Cashmere and Vanilla Milk Bath.
  1. Kukui Nut Oil:
  • Skin Benefits: Kukui nut oil is rich in nutrients, promoting skin nourishment and leaving a silky, smooth feel.

Indulge in the Opulence:

  1. Prepare Your Retreat: Create a tranquil setting by dimming the lights and playing soft music.
  2. Pour in the Elixir: Add a generous amount of the Cashmere and Vanilla Milk Bath to your bathwater.
  3. Submerge Yourself:* Immerse yourself in the creamy richness, letting the velvety bath embrace you in serenity.
  4. Let the Aroma Envelop You: Allow the soothing scents of cashmere and vanilla to transport you to a place of utter relaxation.
  5. Relish in the Silky Afterglow:* As you step out, revel in the cashmere-like sensation on your skin, indulging in the opulence of a truly luxurious bath.

Why Cashmere and Vanilla at Elixir:

At Elixir Aesthetics, we curate experiences that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. The Cashmere and Vanilla Milk Bath is not just a bath; it’s a sensory journey into lavishness, designed to envelop your body and spirit in luxurious comfort. Unwind, rejuvenate, and let the opulence of cashmere and vanilla become an integral part of your self-care ritual.

Elixir Aesthetics’ Prosecco and Raspberry Bubble Bath Crafted by Native Nectar Botanicals

Elevate your bath time with a touch of effervescence – introducing Elixir Aesthetics’ Prosecco and Raspberry Bubble Bath, a creation by the eco-conscious artisans at Native Nectar Botanicals. Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of Prosecco and the luscious sweetness of raspberries, all while treating your skin to a pampering experience.

The Essence of Bubbles:

  1. Organic Aloe Vera:
  • Skin Benefits: Aloe vera, renowned for its soothing properties, nurtures the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated.
  1. Glycerin:
  • Skin Benefits: Glycerin helps lock in moisture, promoting soft and supple skin, and enhances the bubble bath’s luxurious texture.
  1. Vitamin B5:
  • Skin Benefits: Vitamin B5 contributes to skin health, offering nourishment and promoting a revitalized complexion.
  1. Fragrance:
  • Aromatic Delight: The captivating blend of Prosecco and Raspberry creates a fragrant symphony that transforms your bath into a sensory oasis.

Native Nectar Botanicals’ Clean Promise:

Native Nectar Botanicals, a conscientious and cruelty-free brand, is committed to a clean formulation:

  • No Animal Testing
  • No Sulfates
  • No Parabens
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Palm Oil
  • No Fillers

Immerse Yourself in Bubbles:

  1. Prepare Your Retreat: Fill your bathtub with warm water and create a relaxing ambiance.
  2. Pour in the Bubbles: Add a generous amount of the Prosecco and Raspberry Bubble Bath to your bathwater.
  3. Let the Bubbles Rise: Watch as a luxurious layer of bubbles forms, releasing the delightful scent of Prosecco and Raspberry.
  4. Relax and Unwind: Submerge yourself in the effervescent bubbles, letting the aromatic blend transport you to a state of blissful tranquility.
  5. Enjoy the Afterglow: As you step out, revel in the silky sensation on your skin, embracing the indulgence that comes with a bubbly bath.

Why Bubbles at Elixir:

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe in infusing moments of self-care with luxurious delights. The Prosecco and Raspberry Bubble Bath is a celebration of effervescence and fragrance, designed to make your bath time a sensorial experience.

Unwind, rejuvenate, and let the bubbles transport you to a place of delightful relaxation. It’s not just a bubble bath; it’s a symphony of indulgence for your skin and senses.

Native Nectar Botanicals’ Hibiscus and Water Lily Floral Salt Soak Available At Elixir Aesthetics

Discover a haven of tranquility with our latest addition at Elixir Aesthetics – the Hibiscus and Water Lily Floral Salt Soak. This enchanting creation, featuring the expertise of Native Nectar Botanicals, transforms your bath into a fragrant sanctuary inspired by the blossoms of nature.

The Blooms of Serenity:

1. Dead Sea Salt:

  • Skin Benefits: Enriched with minerals, Dead Sea Salt may provide nourishment to the skin, promoting a healthy glow and aiding in skin renewal.

2. Sea Salt:

  • Skin Benefits: Sea Salt, a gentle exfoliator, works to invigorate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.

3. Purified Red Clay:

  • Skin Benefits: Red Clay is known for its detoxifying properties, helping to cleanse and purify the skin by drawing out impurities.

4. Organic Dried Hibiscus Flowers:

  • Skin Benefits: Hibiscus is celebrated for its potential to soothe the skin. The organic dried flowers lend a touch of luxury to your bathing ritual.

5. Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils and Fragrance:

  • Skin Benefits: A carefully curated blend of essential oils and fragrance enhances the sensory experience, creating an oasis of relaxation.

Why Floral Salt Soaks at Elixir:

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe in the power of botanicals to elevate your self-care routine. Floral salt soaks are a celebration of the natural world’s beauty, providing a sensory escape that nurtures both your skin and spirit.

About Native Nectar Botanicals:

Native Nectar Botanicals, a women-owned business nestled in Crested Butte, Colorado, brings its artisanal touch to this exquisite creation. Their commitment to crafting products that capture the essence of nature aligns seamlessly with our vision at Elixir Aesthetics.

How to Immerse Yourself:

  1. Create Your Oasis: Set the stage for relaxation by preparing a warm bath and dimming the lights.
  2. Elevate Your Experience: Add a generous scoop of the Hibiscus and Water Lily Floral Salt Soak to your bathwater.
  3. Unwind and Absorb: Allow the botanicals and salts to infuse your bath, creating a serene environment for relaxation.
  4. Embrace the Aroma: Let the gentle fragrance of hibiscus and water lily transport you to a place of serenity.
  5. Embrace the Afterglow: Gently towel dry, reveling in the softness that follows – a testament to the luxurious botanical experience your skin just encountered.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey with the Hibiscus and Water Lily Floral Salt Soak. Envelop yourself in the blooms of serenity and emerge from your bath with skin that feels indulged and a spirit that is renewed. It’s a delightful way to infuse the magic of blossoms into your self-care routine.

Vanilla and Lavender Salt Soak by Native Nectar Botanicals Available at Elixir Aesthetics

At Elixir Aesthetics, we’re delighted to introduce a new addition to our self-care rituals – the Vanilla and Lavender Salt Soak crafted by Native Nectar Botanicals. Nestled in the heart of Crested Butte, Colorado, Native Nectar Botanicals is a small women-owned business that has captured the essence of relaxation in a jar.

The Elements of Bliss:

1. Dead Sea Salt:

  • Skin Benefits: Known for its rich mineral content, Dead Sea Salt can help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. It’s believed to cleanse pores and support skin health.

2. Sea Salt:

  • Skin Benefits: Sea Salt is a natural exfoliant, assisting in removing dead skin cells, promoting circulation, and leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

3. Activated Charcoal (Coconut Shell-Derived):

  • Skin Benefits: Activated charcoal is a powerful detoxifier. It’s thought to draw out impurities, making it an excellent ingredient for a deep and cleansing soak.

4. Organic Lavender Buds:

  • Skin Benefits: Lavender is celebrated for its calming properties. In addition to its soothing aroma, lavender may help relax the muscles and provide a sense of tranquility.

5. Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils:

  • Skin Benefits: The proprietary blend of essential oils, including the sweet and warm aroma of vanilla, contributes to an indulgent sensory experience. Essential oils may offer skin-nourishing and mood-enhancing benefits.

Why Bath Products at Elixir:

We believe that self-care extends beyond the treatments we offer at our spa. It’s about creating moments of serenity and relaxation at home. Epsom salts and bath oils have long been cherished for their ability to turn a simple bath into a luxurious ritual of rejuvenation. Understanding the significance of this, we’ve carefully curated a collection that aligns with our commitment to quality and holistic well-being.

About Native Nectar Botanicals:

Native Nectar Botanicals, as a women-owned business in Crested Butte, shares our dedication to creating products that nurture the body and soul. Their commitment to crafting natural and mindful formulations resonates with our ethos, making them an ideal collaborator in bringing you the best in self-care.

How to Indulge:

  1. Prepare Your Sanctuary: Draw a warm bath and create a serene atmosphere.
  2. Scoop and Soak: Add a generous scoop of the Vanilla and Lavender Salt Soak to your bath.
  3. Relax and Unwind: Immerse yourself in the tranquil waters, allowing the salts and botanicals to work their magic.
  4. Revel in the Aroma: Let the soothing scents of lavender and vanilla envelop you, transporting you to a state of pure relaxation.
  5. Afterglow: Pat your skin dry and notice the silky softness that follows, a testament to the pampering your skin has just experienced.

At Elixir Aesthetics, we invite you to embrace the art of self-care with the Vanilla and Lavender Salt Soak from Native Nectar Botanicals. Elevate your bath into a sanctuary of tranquility and emerge with skin that feels renewed and a spirit that is refreshed. It’s a simple yet profound way to integrate the principles of well-being into your daily routine.

The Enchanting Integration of Crystals at Elixir Aesthetics

At Elixir Aesthetics, we believe in the power of holistic well-being, and that belief extends to the inclusion of crystals in both our facials and retail selection. These beautiful gemstones not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our space but also contribute to a deeper, more meaningful experience for our clients. Our retail selection entails stones with energy that we believe the world needs a little more of. Whether it’s more love, negative cleansing, or tranquility and peace our retail collection has enchanting and mesmerizing pieces for you to take home. We often use crystals in our meditations as a way to focus on a purpose and intention.

Our complimentary facial stones are used during your treatment as a way for us to bring you to the now. Allowing you 45-75 minutes of pure bliss, relaxation, and energetic realignment. The stones you pick are yours to keep so that you may use them to bring yourself back to a space of bliss and relaxation at home by focusing on the energy and intention we set in our space with you during your facial.

Retail Crystals:

  1. Selenite:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Selenite is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. It’s believed to dispel negative energy and create a calm, serene atmosphere.
  1. Rose Quartz:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Often called the “stone of love,” rose quartz is associated with compassion, harmony, and unconditional love. It’s said to open the heart chakra and promote self-love.
  1. Larimar:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Larimar is a stone of tranquility and peace. It’s thought to soothe emotions, reduce stress, and bring a sense of calmness. This stone is rare and only found in a specific region of the Dominic Republic. Our owner, Sierra, stumbled upon it on one of her trips to Mexico and fell in love with the oceanic appearance and calming effects of the stone.

Facial Complimentary Crystals:

  1. Turritella Agate:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Grounding and protective, turritella agate is believed to enhance connection with nature and provide stability.
  1. Green Moss Agate:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Green moss agate is associated with abundance and healing. It’s thought to bring balance and refresh the spirit.
  1. Amethyst:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Amethyst is known for its calming energy and is often used to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.
  1. African Jade:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: African jade is considered a stone of luck and prosperity. It’s believed to foster harmony and balance.
  1. Citrine Quartz:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Citrine is associated with joy and abundance. It’s thought to bring positive energy and creativity.
  1. Green Tree Agate:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Green tree agate is linked to growth and new beginnings. It’s believed to inspire a sense of renewal.
  1. Lapis Lazuli:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Lapis lazuli is a stone of wisdom and truth. It’s thought to enhance intellectual abilities and spiritual insight.
  1. Quartz:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier of energy. It’s often used to enhance spiritual growth and clarity.
  1. Sodalite:
  • Metaphysical Benefits: Sodalite is associated with logic and communication. It’s believed to bring balance to the mind.
  1. Sunstone:
    • Metaphysical Benefits: Sunstone is linked to joy and vitality. It’s thought to uplift the spirit and promote a positive outlook.
  2. Blue Tiger’s Eye:
    • Metaphysical Benefits: Blue tiger’s eye is known for its protective qualities. It’s believed to enhance confidence and clarity.

Why We Choose These Crystals:

Each crystal is carefully selected to contribute to a grounding, uplifting, and balanced experience. Whether you’re enjoying our retail offerings or experiencing the complimentary crystals during your facial, we invite you to embrace the harmonious energy that these gems bring to Elixir Aesthetics. In every facet of our practice, we aim to create an environment where beauty, wellness, and spiritual balance coalesce, offering a holistic journey for the mind, body, and soul.